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Fort Zachary Taylor Historic SP, Key West

Yesterday I had my second albatross of the year,  unfortunately it was around my neck!  Linda was being difficult.  I wanted to stay last night  in Florida City, and work the Everglades again this morning.  She talked me into staying … Continue reading

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Birding Florida with Bill Kaempfer

This morning I picked up Bill Kaempfer, my Colorado birding buddy,  in Safety Harbor for a day of birding. We began at Honeymoon Island where we studied shorebirds. No new year shorebirds among the 11 species we looked at, but … Continue reading

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Oscar Scherer State Park

There were two targets on my list for today.  The Bachman’s Sparrow and the Florida Scrub-Jay.  I visited Babcock-Webb early this morning and had singing Bachman’s Sparrow everywhere.  One male was perched in a shrub 30 feet off the road. … Continue reading

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Florida-the First Three Days

Birding has been extremely productive and between internet problems, late nights riding the roads in Everglades NP and NCAA Men’s Basketball, this is the first opportunity to catch up on the blog.  So I’ll keep it short but show some … Continue reading

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Florida Spring Break

We’re in Chicago O’Hare Airport waiting for our flight to Miami.  Linda’s traveling with me for the first time this year which will be different to say the least.  We’ll stay in Florida City, the gateway to the Everglades, the … Continue reading

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La Laja Ranch

La Laja Ranch is located sixteen miles south of Laredo off of Hwy 83 in Zapata County just north of Dolores Creek.  It stretches several miles southwest to the banks of the Rio Grande River and Mexico.  I liked this … Continue reading

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Lower Rio Grande Valley Revisited

My January trip to the Valley was pretty successful. I left without four South Texas specialties however. Ÿ Hook-billed Kite Ÿ Red-billed Pigeon Ÿ Muscovey Duck Ÿ White-collared Seedeater It’s certainly not surprising that I missed all of these.  There … Continue reading

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Taco Palenque

[today was a slow birding day here in the Valley so please enjoy this reflection] In January of 1993 Jeff Wert and Larry Rosche, my birding buddies from Ohio, joined me on my first winter birding adventure to The Valley.  … Continue reading

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Spring Migration

Spring is in the air!  Here in South Texas the weather is in the mid-seventies, it’s light till 7:30 PM and the Catclaw Acacia Trees and Mesquites have fresh green leaves. Wildflowers are blooming everywhere, a living tribute to Ladybird … Continue reading

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Two Birds of a Different Feather

The highlights today were two very different birds. Yellow-faced Grassquit is an  accidental species in Texas and the bird hanging out at campsite #205 in Goose Island State Park represents only the 2nd state record.  They’re found along the Atlantic … Continue reading

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