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Texas Bound

Just finished cooking dinner for Linda.  It’s her 60th! I made a ribeye and shiitake mushroom stir-fry.  If all goes well it’ll be the last dinner I cook this year. Too busy chasing birds!  The last four days have been quiet. … Continue reading

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South Portugal Cove and the western Avalon

Wrapped up my Newfoundland trip with a visit to South Portugal Cove for the Redwing that has been hanging in the area and seen sporadically. Dave and I were unsuccessful, which wasn’t surprising, but did get 5 new year birds … Continue reading

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Quidi Vidi Lake

“I got the bird” Dave Brown exclaimed.  Time froze. Like in a Nike commercial where Michael Jordan takes the entire 30 seconds to begin his leap, literally climb through the air defying gravity and then dunk the basketball over hapless … Continue reading

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Today was a very good start to my Newfoundland trip.  Birded with Dave Brown, one of the local experts.  We found this Common Snipe in Ferryland. My picture isn’t that good, but it’s been very well documented already. In fact … Continue reading

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Well, I’ve just arrived in St. John’s Newfoundland where it’s 1:30 AM (they’re 1 ½ hrs ahead of Eastern Time.) Of course, I wasn’t planning to be here at all-not in the beginning when my goal was 683 species for … Continue reading

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Butterbredt Spring [written on plane Friday, March4]

I couldn’t sleep last night.  Maybe it was the howling 40 mph wind or maybe it was the fan in my Day’s Inn room that only had one speed-loud!  Maybe I was just restless with anticipation for my drive from … Continue reading

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Ivory-billed Woodpecker

Mountain Quail is slowly but surely creeping towards Ivory-billed Woodpecker status.  You want to believe but deep in your gut you know it’s all fantasy! Yes we missed Mountain Quail today despite an all day search of the Mt. Pinos … Continue reading

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Yeoman’s Work

Today was yeoman’s work.  Nothing fancy! Pick up the shovel, roll up the sleeves, put the hard hat on and go to work.  I needed three more California Specialty landbirds.  Two could be found in Los Angeles and that’s where … Continue reading

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California Specialties

Yesterday was cleanup time for California landbirds I still need for the year. After the Allen’s Hummingbird we ventured out and soon had Tricolored Blackbird at the Ormond Beach Wetlands Restoration Project. Actually there’s a gentleman there named Walter Fuller … Continue reading

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Birding with Don Desjardin

It’s only fitting that the 350th bird of my “Big Year” was Allen’s Hummingbird, seen in Don Desjardin’s back yard where Don captured much of his outstanding footage of Allen’s for Hummingbirds of North America.  This link to some of … Continue reading

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