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Guy McCaskie-The Definition of a Gambell Birder

It’s foggy and drizzling outside and we’re in a holding pattern for 1/2 hour before we decide where to go this morning.  One thing for sure though, we will go out. The birders on Gambell are a tough lot.  Tomorrow … Continue reading

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Alaska Adventure- Day 3 – Gambell-1st Megararity

This morning our Wings Group reconnoitered at the point.  This turned out to be a very wise decision.  The number of birds wasn’t impressive and the conversation quickly slipped into irreverent humor.  Jokes and stories began to fly, most coming … Continue reading

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Alaska Adventure – Day 2 – Gambell

We arrived on St. Lawrence Island at 2:15 PM today and were greeted by strong northeast winds and 36 deg F weather. That seemed pretty chilly after 70 deg at Nome!  After a very long orientation, we finally headed out … Continue reading

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Alaskan Adventure – Day 1 – Anchorage

I arrived at Anchorage at 10:30 PM last night.  Jim Vanderpoel greeted me at the airport and we immediately drove to Westchester Lagoon.  Things were rather quiet, but  I added two new year-birds, Arctic Tern and Hudsonian Godwit.  We finally … Continue reading

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The Great Alaskan Adventure

…and ® Go-Lite Insulated Rain Pants                   check ® Neos Overshoes                                           check ® National Geographic Field Guide           check    (includes most of the Asian vagrants) ® Shorebird Guide (O’Brian, Crossley and Karlson)            no too much weight ® Toothpaste                                                     check    (extra travel tube … Continue reading

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Black Rail – No

Yesterday, I drove down to the Arkansas Valley near Bent’s Old Fort to pick off three new year birds.  Mississippi Kite and Cassin’s Sparrow were easy as expected, but the weather played havoc on my attempt for Black Rail.  Between … Continue reading

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Post Script- Henslow’s Sparrow

It’s been brought to my attention that in all the excitement about the Connecticut Warbler and the pending Alaska Adventure, I’d forgot to mention that I did indeed hear and see a Henslow’s Sparrow last Friday at Spring Creek Forest … Continue reading

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My Work Here is Done

Yesterday was one of those days.  Warblers were everywhere.  Ryerson Woods along the Des Plaines River seemed to have several migrating warblers in every tree.  I spent most of my time with my eyes down searching every dense group of … Continue reading

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The Queen’s Gambit

I slept like a log last night,  My body must have needed it.  But this morning as I began to wake from my slumber, I realized that I had no idea where I was.  Sierra Vista or Green Valley in … Continue reading

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And then There Was One-Connecticut Warbler

And then there was one.  I suppose I’ve always figured it would come down to this.  That the Connecticut Warbler would be the last North American wood-warbler I need to see for the year  They’re uncommon and secretive. Hell, Lynn … Continue reading

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