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North to Michigan

Birding on the Chicago lakefront this morning was awful.  A cold, fierce wind from the north must have made it as unpleasant for the birds as the birders. Mark V and I had one Redstart at Montrose.  So I left … Continue reading

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Ryerson Conservation Area, Riverwoods, IL

This morning I got an early start to Ryerson Conservation Area. Two Connecticut Warblers had been reported yesterday from Ryerson and with the cold weather and north winds my hope was that they might still be grounded.  So I met … Continue reading

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The Chicago Lakefront

It was absolutely miserable weather today along the lakefront.  The high temperature was 45 deg F, windy and drizzling.  However, we knew the warblers were in because Jackson Park had 26 warbler species and Montrose Harbor had 21 species after … Continue reading

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A Day with Citizens for Conservation

Todays events had been carefully planned.  Each new year-bird would be seen at a specific time and place, with specific people.  This would be a tightly scripted manuscript and I was to be Hemingway.  It actually started out that way-kind … Continue reading

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Travels to the Midwest

My Big Year quest now leads me to Chicago and Michigan.  I chose Chicago for two reasons both of which are significant.  First of all, it’s probably the best place in the country to see Connecticut Warblers during spring migration.  … Continue reading

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Walking in the Shadow of Matt from Ohio

“Nobodies seen the duck today” These words haunted me repeatedly as my plane touched down in Chicago yesterday.  That giddy, euphoric feeling from the previous day was long gone, replaced by a gnawing feeling in my stomach that had been … Continue reading

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The Chase is On

The chase is on.  There are butterflies in my stomach.  But the rush of Adrenaline is intoxicating.  You know the feeling.  Like a teenager on your first date?  Or maybe when you and your buddies were hanging around your college dorm on … Continue reading

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Black-capped Gnatcatcher- with a Little Help from Your Friends

I woke up at 4:15 AM yesterday.  Tossed and turned then tried to go back to sleep. A wake up call for 5:00 AM  was scheduled and I needed sleep.  But it was no use, I was wide awake.  It … Continue reading

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Today was going to be the day I finally found Black-capped Gnatcatcher in the ABA area.  I guess no one told the 300 mountain bikers and officials and watchers who were lined up on Montosa Canyon.  I’ve rescheduled for tomorrow … Continue reading

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French Joe Canyon

It’s a bone-jarring road.  Actually less like a road and more like a boulder strewn rock track. 2.7 miles in length it’s the only way into French Joe. That may not sound long  to you, but at 4 miles an … Continue reading

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