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An Improbable Morning in Maine

We were sleeping in our car like homeless people. Parked in the Freeport, Maine Fire Department parking lot.  I felt drugged…no… worse than drugged.  What a miserable night and morning it had been.  The redeye Jet Blue flight left Denver … Continue reading

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Rock Dove Tours – Success in the Pawnee National Grasslands

This will be brief as I’m scrambling to get ready for a red eye plane ride tonight to Boston.  Peter Gent and I, two of the senior members of Rock Dove Tours, drove out to the Pawnee NG today for … Continue reading

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Vanderpoel Reaches 650!

John Vanderpoel reached 650 year-birds yesterday by finding a Red-naped Sapsucker on the Grand Mesa in Colorado. Accompanying John on the trip was Bill Kaempfer, friend and honorary member of “Rock Dove Tours”.  Vanderpoel took some time out from his … Continue reading

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Birding in Colorado Once Again

“It’s a baby Chukar!”  There less than 8 feet from the car was a tiny 5” grouse-like bird that could only be a Chukar chick.  It started to move up the rocky slope and as it moved a second chick … Continue reading

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Standed in San Antonio – No Green Violetear and No Way Home

I’m at the airport in San Antonio with dim prospect of getting back to Denver.  That would have been a huge problem except that we’ve had to cancel the N. Dakota tip because of the flooding in Minot and no … Continue reading

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Red-footed Booby – No

Went out on a Pelagic trip with Larry and Philip Manfredi and Roberto Torres today.  Thanks, Roberto for bringing your boat.  It was slow , even by Florida standards. We had three Audubon’s Shearwaters, 15 Bridled Terns, 2 Sooty Terns, … Continue reading

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Antillean Nighthawk – Yes

Yes!  I saw and heard two male Antillean Nighthawks calling and display diving at the Marathon Airport.  This is a personal triumph.  Not just a life bird, but heard first with my Sennheiser Mic and headset than seen.  Anybody who … Continue reading

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Florida Bound

Once again my alarm went off at 3:20 AM.  But this morning I awoke feeling pretty good; three consecutive nights of sound sleep will have that affect.  The flight to Miami through Houston was uneventful; that’s noteworthy when you’re flying … Continue reading

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So Long to Texas for Now

It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do for your disposition.  Recharged and optimistic once again, I’m currently in Houston listed standby to Denver this evening on the 5:40 PM Continental Flight.  This morning I birded with two experienced … Continue reading

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The Lower Rio Grand Valley in June

The sweat was dripping down my brow.  It was also dripping down my neck, my armpits and pretty much every other part of my body you could imagine.  It was 105 Deg F in the shade.  How in the world … Continue reading

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