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Flammulated Owl – 2nd Failed Attempt

Yesterday afternoon Bill Kaempfer, Linda and I drove up to Rocky Mountain NP to try and find a Red-naped Sapsucker, have dinner at Sweet Basilico in Estes Park and then try for a Flammulated Owl.  I encouraged Linda to tag … Continue reading

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Fires Burn Up Big Year Strategy

Wow.  As I drove south on Hwy 92 I could see a huge fire smoking in the Huachucas.  Yesterday it seemed to be confined to Ramsey Canyon and under control and the Yellow Grosbeak was being seen at Mary Jo’s … Continue reading

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My New Secret Weapon

It’s 3:05 PM and I’m 30,000 feet above Colorado Springs on United flight #6246 to Tucson.  To say I’m moving fast is an understatement. Last night at 11:55 PM I was still in Anchorage We arrived home in Niwot at … Continue reading

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Alaska Adventure-Day 14-Kenai Fjords & the Chiswell Islands

The savory smell of salmon gravy over biscuits only served to heighten my anticipation of the day to come.  A delicious breakfast at The Raven’s Haven B & B (they cater to birders) would proceed the final event of our … Continue reading

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The Clock is Ticking

Tick-tok, tick-tok, tick-tok…..the clock is ticking.  Today we drive to Seward and tomorrow will be an important and exciting trip to the Chiswell Islands.  But right now while I wait for everyone else to awake, I’m visualizing VERY HOT weather. … Continue reading

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Alaska Adventure-Day 14-The Lynx, Grizzly Bears and Arctic Warbler

During the Sax-Zim Bog Winter Bird Festival in February, we cleaned up on our target birds the first two days so well that we decided to leave the festival a day early and work a gravel road west of Ely, … Continue reading

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Alaska Adventure-Day 12 & 13 – Denali

Our Wings Tour officially ended yesterday morning n Anchorage.  Jim and I had an enjoyable time, met some great people and birded to our hearts content. Yesterday morning we met my wife, Linda, Jim’s fiance Alison and our brother Tom … Continue reading

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Alaska Aventure-Day 10 & 11-Nome

At 3:15 A.M. yesterday morning.  Bill Osborn, who had already showered, rustled through his luggage and woke me up.  I groggily opened one eye to peer out the window.  It was already light out! Nobody wants to get up at … Continue reading

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Alaska Adventure-Day 8 & 9-Gambell

This afternoon we finally leave Gambell.  Four days of strong east/northeast winds have dampened the spirits and I’m pretty shore everyone is looking forward to Nome.  Still there have been some pleasant highlights and here’s a few of them. 1. … Continue reading

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Alaska Adventure – Day 7 -Gambell

The winds are blowing out of the east bringing cold air from the Berring Sea to Gambell and blowing away any realistic chance of setting an ABA record.  The birding continued to be very slow with only three new trip … Continue reading

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