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The Fallout – St. Paul Day 4

The Russian storm had formed over Siberia last Sunday and moving through the Russian Far East by Monday and due to hit the western Bering Sea on Tuesday.  It was heading straight towards us. We knew it was coming; we’d … Continue reading

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Pump House Lake – St. Paul, Day 2

Give me four Advil and some Bengay. I’m sore.  It’s not so much from a lot of walking as it is from walking through the thick vegetation and celery stalks on the island. You need to raise your legs high … Continue reading

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Give the Readers What They Want- St. Paul Day 1

Earlier today I was on the phone with John Puschock of Zugunruhe Birding Tours. We were discussing details of next week’s tour trip to Barrow.  However, John is also one of my blog readers and in fact enjoys following Big … Continue reading

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The Pribilofs

The Pribilofs are a group of four volcanic islands off the coast of mainland Alaska, in the middle of the Bering Sea. They aren’t particularly close to anything- about 200 miles north of Unalaska in the eastern Aleutians. The Russian … Continue reading

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Fall in Alaska

As our Alaska Airlines flight descended over Anchorage yesterday evening, I glanced out of the plane window and was surprised to see mile after mile of gold forest below me; aspen and poplars had turned colors in mass creating a … Continue reading

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What Does Conservation Have to Do With Lynn Barber?

As many of you know, one of the objectives of my Big Year is to raise money for Citizens for Conservation.  In fact, I recently was surprised to learn that one of my tour mates on Gambell has generously donated … Continue reading

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Turning a Blunder into #714

At 6:30 AM this morning Rock Dove Tours was on the road once again.  Peter Gent and I (Bill Kaempfer actually had to work) headed east to Prewitt Reservoir in Northeast Colorado.  Today was the day – a serious attempt … Continue reading

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The Lost Summer

Fall arrived today.  Summer is now over.  However, for me it was never clear when summer began.  There has been so much traveling and such rapid changes in the weather this year that the last three and 1/2 months all … Continue reading

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[Editors Note] Server Problems

My blog host, Network Solutions had a server problem that affected many of its customers.  I am reloading all the posts through Google Reader.  Should have everything including new posts up to date by tomorrow

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Pelagic Bird Jinx

Yesterday, Monday, we again ventured out of Half Moon Bay and motored out through the fog for 38 miles into the clear skies, blue waters and warmer sea temperatures of the Pioneer Canyon. The paucity of birds was truly amazing. … Continue reading

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