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Weather at the Edges

I’ve spent the weekend in sunny Niwot, CO  enjoying the company of my family, but always close to the phone and with a watchful eye on the weather at the edges of North America. The snowstorm in the Northeast has … Continue reading

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Decision Point

Thanks to all the blog readers who gave me suggestions. My decision is to not go on Annie Auklet’s…er…I mean Debi Shearwater’s “Emergency Pelagic Trip” today.  It was a tough decision that came down to two factors. First my son, … Continue reading

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Strategies – 10-26-11

Once again southward bound, I’ll arrive home tonight around 9:30 PM.  Tomorrow morning Boulder public radio station KGNU is interviewing me live at 8:00 AM.  In the evening, I’ll attend a function at the University of Colorado (Go CU) Museum … Continue reading

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The Snowbirds of Nome

I awoke to 4” of fresh snow this morning and it was still snowing.  This could be good if I could find any feeders in town with seed in them because birds are always drawn to feeders during a snow … Continue reading

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Back in Nome

Today we had a blizard on Gambell.  I didn’t even venture out from the lodge.  Caught the 4:00 PM flight back to Nome where I will search for McKay’s Buntings tomorrow. Unfortunately, the finch appears to be a Purple Finch … Continue reading

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More on the Turtle Dove

The flight to Gambell yesterday was a little bit intimidating.  Not because I was traveling by myself, it’s the 3rd trip this year for goodness sakes, but even though the flight left at 9:00 AM it was pitch dark.  To … Continue reading

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Oriental Turtle Dove (Gambell 10/22/11)

I got the Oriental Turtle Dove though it wasn’t easy. I walked for 7 hours before it flushed. Hopefully the photos will look good.  My plan is to write a more thorough account and adding photos tomorrow morning when the … Continue reading

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Mad as a Hatter or Crazy Like a Fox?

-       Smoked Premium Alaska Sockeye Salmon –       Chicken of the Sea tuna in water –       Candy’s Corn Tortillas –       Campbell’s Chunky Soups (2 cans) –       Bush’s Best Vegetarian Baked Beans –Had to buy the beans in honor of Matt from … Continue reading

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Rumblings From The North

There are rumblings from the north.  I’ve been pinned down till 5:00 PM today with video work. I know how dare the four letter word intrude on my Big Year and believe me, it won’t happen again before Jan. 1, … Continue reading

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It’s A White-chinned Petrel, Not a Wild Goose

Todd McGrath screamed “Flesh-footed Shearwater…no it’s better…. get on this bird”. Pandemonium ensued. If I remember correctly, a Skua had caused this commotion by flying in among a group of four or five seabirds. One of these seabirds was bigger … Continue reading

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