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Leaving Alaska Without the Redwing

I’m beating a hasty retreat out of Alaska.  The Redwing was not seen on Sunday nor on Monday.  This was terribly disappointing.  It was a long, expensive trip that also sucked four precious days out of the remainder of my … Continue reading

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Streak-backed Oriole – No

Yesterday morning while on the computer arranging travel plans, I received a call from Gary Matthews that a Streak-backed Oriole was being seen at Fountain Creek Regional Park.  Five minutes later, Todd “Mario Andretti” Deininger and I were racing south … Continue reading

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Disappointment in the Chambly Basin

Bland Liz spotted the goose first.  She yelled “I’m on it boys….try to keep up with me, okay”.  The Hitman came rushing out of the SUV, binoculars in his hand. Ken Petersen was tracking the dark goose flying among one … Continue reading

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No Graylag Goose – Nov 21

No luck on the Graylag Goose today.  The numbers of Canada Geese that came into the Chambly Basin today were down.  We’ll be out at the reservoir before dawn tomorrow.

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We’re getting the band back together.  Doug and I picked up Ken Petersen at Logan Airport at 3:25 PM this afternoon.  We raced to Newberryport and there was just enough light to find the Barnacle Goose at Artichoke Farms in … Continue reading

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Mode Poursuite Intensive

As many of you have figured out by now I’m once again back in full chase mode. Or as we say in Quebec “mode poursuite intensive”.  I’ll be on an early morning flight tomorrow to Boston where Doug Koch has … Continue reading

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A Gift From Benton Basham

At 9:10 AM this morning, I was sitting on the front porch of Benton Basham’s trailer.  Benton spends his winters in the “Tropical Zone” of Estero Grande State Park.  Please remember that this is THE Benton Basham-first birder ever to … Continue reading

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All the Kings Horses, All the Kings Men, Jon Dunn, Mary Gustafson and Matt From Ohio – Couldn’t Find the Darn Becard

Today was spent at Estero Grande State Park looking for the Rose-throated Becard.  Jon Dunn joined me in the morning and soon after that we ran into Mary Gustafson, but to no avail.  It was very windy and that definitely … Continue reading

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Headed to the Lower Rio Grand Valley

I’m flying to San Antonio via Nashville, TN and then will drive to the LRGV.  I’m chasing the Rose-throated Becard and whatever else 300+ birders at the Rio Grande Birding Festival might turn up today. So I’m excited by the … Continue reading

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Bland Liz, Doug and the Barnacle Goose

My 6:30 AM Thursday flight from Halifax was delayed from landing at JFK by marine fog and a cloud ceiling of less than 100 feet. We circled around JFK for over an hour hoping for a break in the cloud … Continue reading

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