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Day 365

I suppose it was meant to end this way.  One last chase accompanied by my brother Bill.  Bill was with me on the first chase of the year and now was along my side here in Arizona for the last … Continue reading

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No Smew in Toronto

Today was a long day which began in Norfolk, VA at 4:30 AM Eastern Time and ended at 11:55 AM Rocky Mountain time in Phoenix.  In between I visited Whitby Harbor to try for the Smew.  Jean Iron and Ron … Continue reading

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Pelagic Trip – 12/29/11

When the Admiral of the Atlantic, Brian Patteson, tells you that there’s a pretty good chance of seeing a Great Skua you gotta believe.  But by 1:45 PM I was plenty worried, especially after we passed through a huge feeding … Continue reading

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The Hooded Crane in Hiwassee NWR

The sky was still completely dark.  It was 6:50 AM and we were standing in the Philips 66 parking lot at the intersection of 58 and 60 in Cleveland, TN.  Bland Liz, Doug Koch and me. We were waiting for … Continue reading

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Full Chase Mode -All the Way To The Finish Line

Plans have changed.  I’m moving fast and I’ll stay that way through the rest of the year!  I might as well go out with guns blazing, right?  Right now I’m on one last crazyass chase with the Musketeers! Okay now … Continue reading

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Traveling to Hatteras, NC

It was enjoyable to share Christmas with Linda and friends, but now I’m in the air once again. Hatteras, NC is my destination and one last pelagic trip for 2011.  Its a quest for the Great Skua with the Admiral … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Tomorrow I journey east to Hatteras, NC. Today I would like to wish all of you a merry Christmas and enjoying the company of friends and family!

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Decision Point

Last night I made the toughest decision of my Big Year.  It was not made easily. I decided NOT to chase the Dusky Thrush in Anchorage.  Please let me explain.  The last several days on Adak have been rather uneventful.  … Continue reading

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Adak – Day 3 & 4 – 12/18/11 Thru 12/19/11

Yesterday we worked the lagoons and open fresh water hard for ducks and the Whooper Swans.  All we were able to turn up was a Tufted Duck, Gadwall, American Wigeon and an American Green-winged Teal.  Isaac is very competent on … Continue reading

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Adak – Day 2 – 12/17/11

Yesterday, Isaac and I spent most of the day on ATVs searching for the Whooper Swans. Friday it was extremely difficult to drive the road to Lake Andrew, the largest fresh water lake in the Aleutians, but on the ATVs … Continue reading

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