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Adak – Day 1 – 12/16/11

My flight arrived last night on schedule, which left us two hours to bird Adak.  Issac had seen a Merlin earlier in the day (rare for the Aleutian Islands) so we spent some time trying to relocate it without success. … Continue reading

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Mr. Whitekeys and the Dusky Thrush

Tick-tock, tick-tock.  Mr. Whitekeys’ clock seemed stuck at 9:25 1/2 AM.  I watched the second hand move, but damn if the minute hand didn’t seem frozen. I was restless. There was a Dusky Thrush out there in his neighborhood, but … Continue reading

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Why Adak in December?

I’m on a northbound plane once again traveling to Alaska. This will be my sixth trip of the year!  My destination will be Adak, which is one of the Andreanof Islands in the Aleutian Chain and is located almost 1200 … Continue reading

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Notice: Pelagic Trip Invitation – Dec. 27, 2011

For over a month now, I’ve been kicking around the idea of scheduling a pelagic trip for Great Skua with Brian Patteson. Yesterday we decided to proceed with the trip. Brian feels that we have a good chance of finding … Continue reading

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Tebow Magic in Florida Canyon

It was pouring out. We needed a little of that Tebow magic.  At the very least we needed the rain to stop so we could actually bird.  Even that was looking pretty doubtful.  It had been raining steadily since Bill … Continue reading

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A Pelagic Trip with The Dream Team

Yesterday we all arrived at the Bodega Bay boat dock at almost precisely 6:45 AM. Doug Koch and I had stayed in Sebastopol on Saturday night. I’m not sure exactly where the Dream Team had stayed, but they were all … Continue reading

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The Falcated Teal…Errr….Duck

When I heard about the Falcated Duck yesterday, I immediately called Jon Dunn to give him a heads up.  Our conversation went something like this, “Hey, Jon, where are you” “I’m in Conneault, Ohio.” “Oh so you located the Black-tailed … Continue reading

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Salineno, TX Dec 8, 2011

Sunrise. The dawn sunlight filtered through the patchwork of puffy clouds creating a kaleidoscope of purples and pinks.  It was just another morning in South Texas.  I was rolling down I-35 eighty miles from Laredo and had been for over … Continue reading

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Planning Session – 12/07/11

I’m once again in full chase mode and loving it.  Seeing the Graylag Goose gave me a certain sense of vindication. The chance to right a planning mistake on my part; to make things even sweeter, Bland Liz saw her … Continue reading

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Santa Comes Early to the Richelieu River

We were eating breakfast at the little cafe about 9:00 AM. Bland Liz, Zeke, Doug and I were all hungry from standing out in the wind, rain and cold.   The geese had all departed to feed in the fields and … Continue reading

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