A Ruff Plane Trip From Barrow

Decisions needed to be made quickly.  Option 1- maintain the current plan: When I arrived at Anchorage I’d stay over for the night, then take the 7:30 AM flight Wednesday morning to Victoria through Seattle. The Skylark awaited in Victoria. Option 2 meant throwing Option 1overboard and saying “To hell with the consequences, I’m going to get the Ruff now”

Let me step back to 8:00 PM Tuesday evening and lay the foundation. As Bill V and I boarded our flight from Barrow to Anchorage thru Fairbanks, John Puschock called back. Honestly, I assumed that one of us had left something in the tour van, but John surprised me when he declared “A Ruff was seen at 3:30 PM today at Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, which is forty minutes south of the Seattle Airport.”  Fortune had once again smiled upon me and laid an egg on my lap.  It looked to be golden.

During the two hour flight I weighed the pros and cons of all options available to me and finally decided that upon my arrival in Anchorage to inquire at Alaska Airlines what the cost would be to change my flight around and take a 2:30 AM flight to Seattle then delay my departure to Victoria till 11:00 PM Wednesday evening.  The Alaska Airlines customer service rep reminded me of my daughter-in-law Anna- smart, pretty and efficient.  When she told me it would only cost me $25.00 to change my ticket, well option2 became a no-brainer.

There’s much more to tell. Like a sleepless night, Nisqually NWR, sleeping in my car, another phone call to wake me that the Ruff had been relocated and even a Black-tailed Gull with Shep Thorp.  But the plane has landed in Victoria.  I’m at 723 and tomorrow I have a date with a Shakespearean legend

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