I’m John Vanderpoel. I’m also the owner of Peregrine Video Productions and the creator of The Advanced Birding Video Series with Jon Dunn that includes: The Large Gulls of North America, The Small Gulls of North America and Hummingbirds of North America. This blog, however, is about birding. Birding is my favorite hobby and throughout 2011 Ill be attempting what birders call a “Big Year”

My e-mail is jvanderpoel@peregrinevideo.com

My cell phone number is 303-809-9611.  Please call me if there’s a mega rarity near you!


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  1. Lang Elliott says:


    The headset has been shipped Priority Overnight. The tracking number is:


    I believe the shipping cost is $35.00

    Please return the headset once you receive a replacement or repaired headset from Herb.


    Lang Elliott
    P.O. Box 84
    Ithaca, New York 14851


    Lang Elliott
    202 East Court Street
    Ithaca, New York 14850

  2. Jon- I’m giving it to you straight. Get yer body to Tucson. Tucson is a haven for wintering male and female Goshawks. I have 6 seasons of hawking in Tucson. If I had lived deep within the city limits, I suggest that 1 sighting every three days would be the norm. Also, polymorphic NG, and more than 1 male, and more than one female, have red vermiculation on chest, belly, and under wing coverts, in Tucson, and in disparate areas. You can forget about your scope as you will probably never observe a perched NG in Tucson, but of course they do perch. It is a sad situation that the birder’s of Tucson are so stuck in their birdwatching endeavors and their Peterson method of identification. and take zero interest in observing the sky! Nelson Briefer- Goshawk specialist- Tucson, Anacortes, WA, and Livingston, TX

  3. John, I so enjoyed birding with you today and being a tiny part of your big year. I can’t find an email address for you, so please contact me and I’ll send you the photos I mentioned. And I do already have Jon Dunn’s hummingbird DVD. Don’t know where my mind was. (Well, yes, I do, it was on finding good birds.) I especially love the part showing the Eastman’s place in Davis Mountain Resort, since that’s one of our humminbird banding sites.

  4. Dave Dawkins says:

    Dear Sir,
    I saw your name in the Abilene Reporter News, and thought you might be able to assist me. I saw the strangest looking bird over the last couple of springs at a facility I protected in southeast Dallas. I took a clear picture and sent it with an inquiry to the Audubon Society, but have never gotten a reply. Might I be able to trouble you to take a look at the photo, and tell me what you think? If so, please let me know where to email the photo.

    Thanks in advance.
    Dave Dawkins

  5. John Vanderpoel says:


    I’d be happy to take a look at your picture. Send it to jvanderpoel@peregrinevideo.com.

  6. Dave Dawkins says:

    Thanks! email with 3 large digital photos has been sent.

  7. Luynn Hemink says:

    Hi Jo

    I was looking at your bolog today and can only gwt as current at August 8 with the Snowcock. Do you have the more current pages down at the moment?

    Good luck on the upcoming pelagics.


  8. Hi John
    I’ve been enjoying reading for blog for the last number of months but it now seems that when I go to your website it comes up as Aug 8th and nothing beyond that. Not sure if it’s me, my computer or your website.

  9. Bob and Georgene Bond says:

    We have really enjoyed following your blog on your Big Year adventures, but like Dave wrote above the latest postings are now coming up for August 8. Hopefully your reports after August 8 have not been lost! B and G

  10. Nick says:

    For what it’s worth, I’ve very persistently run into the same difficulty as Dave Worthington above. This as of the last 3 or 4 days. Hope you’re getting some new birds all the while! Not so easy, I’m sure. Best of luck with it all.


  11. Bev Brock says:

    Are you OK? I’ve been following your blog since Gambell, and see it’s in “hiatus”. What’s the story?

  12. John Vanderpoel says:


    There was a server error with my provider. I’m now furious and expediting them.

  13. John Vanderpoel says:


    here was a server error with my provider. I’m now furious and expediting them.

  14. John Vanderpoel says:

    Bob and Georgene,

    There was a server error with my provider. I’m now furious and expediting them.

  15. Ebbe Banstorp says:

    Hi John.

    It was good to bird with you on Gambell and nice to be mentioned in your blog, but in your September 12 blog entry you spell my name wrong. It is Banstorp, That is, the o comes before the r. On same page Monte’s ABA should be 820 (not 815). Dona Coates’ name is spelled with one n.

    Hope you make your goal.


  16. Bruce Mack says:

    Here’s some info on the infamous gull: first seen 17 Feb 1987 at a wastewater treatment plant on Johns Island SC. I saw it 4 Mar 1987. Send me your email address and I will forward my field notes. Haven’t yet found my sketch of the wing pattern. This gull is referenced in N Am Birds Vol 53 (1999), Issue 3, p.338. LeGrand’s comments are cited in “literature cited”, and there is also “W. Post, in litt”, which I have not tracked down. Congratulations on the GREAT Russian birds. See you “at the next bird”, Bruce

  17. John Vanderpoel says:

    Hi Bruce,

    My e-mail is jvanderpoel@peregrinevideo.com

  18. rich frechette says:

    Pink footed goose in Massachusetts. See James Smith’s post on massbird. Easliy approached area in Turner’s Falls

  19. Suzi Plooster says:

    Hi John,

    Am enjoying birding with you vicariously. I’m trying to do a little birding and just added the Arctic Tern at Boulder Reservoir to my Boulder County list.

  20. Sarah Manka says:

    Dear John,

    Congratulations on a job well done! I read about your exploits in the Akron Beacon Journal today (1/4/12). I am very impressed with your accomplishment of spotting 744 birds in one big year! Great!

    I have enjoyed birding my whole life. One memorable winter, there was local gossip that a Great Grey Owl had been spotted at the Buffalo municipal airport. Binoculars in hand, my husband and I hurried to the landing strip area. We didn’t see the owl at first, but in a few minutes, over a field of fresh snow, we observed the Great Grey devouring a small rodent. He had no fear of us at all, unaccustomed to human contact perhaps. It looked like a giant! It was a thrill for all of the onlookers–by this time there were 15 enthusiasts there. Another time I saw with the Audubon club a Harlequin duck at the brink of Niagara Falls on the ice chunks. Also, once a Peregrine falcon attacked my bird feeder with such speed that I didn’t see her until she stopped diving. However, the falcon groomed herself and moved on after missing her prey (there is a breeding program in Ohio I’m sure you’re aware of).

    There are many stories, but these stay with me many years later. Good luck to you and your quests for the future.

    Sincerely, Sarah Manka

  21. Graham White & Leah Ewasick says:

    FYI – We came across your web site tonight when we were researching our latest sighting of a male Smew. It was along the harbour waterfront between Simcoe Street & Spadina Street in Toronto, Ontario. Just thought we’d drop you a line. We believe a Smew was sighted at Whitby, Ontario around December 26-29, 2012.
    Leah & Graham

  22. John Vanderpoel says:


    When did you find the Smew?


  23. Victor Yu says:

    Hi John,

    This is Victor from Taiwan.
    I’ve sent you an invitation to Taiwan for 2012 Taiwan Birdathon(a 30-hour bird race on 24-25 Nov.).
    The mail failed to reach you for your box is full.
    Please contact me at yuvictor56@msn.com.

    Best wishes,

    Victor from Taiwan Ecotourism Association

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