Alaska Adventure – Day 2 – Gambell

We arrived on St. Lawrence Island at 2:15 PM today and were greeted by strong northeast winds and 36 deg F weather.

Loading provisions at Nome (Photo by Todd Deininger)

That seemed pretty chilly after 70 deg at Nome!  After a very long orientation, we finally headed out to the point to do some seawatching.  It was great to be back at the point.  The bird numbers moving weren’t that large, but I picked up 11 new year-birds.


***********IVORY GULL************IVORY GULL**************

I was sitting around writing this blog after finishing a tasty salmon dinner.  At 9:45 PM we just got the word.  An An Ivory Gull was just spotted on the point.   Jim and I dashed to the room. got our coats, got on the ATV and gunned it towards the point 1/2 mile away.  There it was in all its glory, an adult Ivory Gull flying east along the coast line.   It didn’t stay long but long enough to appreciate all it’s glory. I spent three weeks on Gambell predominately to film Ivory Gulls and I never saw one.  Wow.  We’re all so pumped up now (it’s 10:40 PM), Guy Pickavance just said, “I feel we’re sitting around like fireman waiting for the next call to come in”

Excuse me, if I sound a little bit amped up. This is a BIG deal to me.  It’s just gone to the top of my list as “grooviest” bird.

Berring Air Plane to Gambell (Photo by John Vanderpoel)

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6 Responses to Alaska Adventure – Day 2 – Gambell

  1. Wav says:

    Nice start, lots of glamour! But what about the big numbers you need? say hi to Dunn. Don’t forget about seal species! Wav

  2. David White says:

    Congrats on breaking the 600 mark!!!

  3. Deanna Campbell says:

    So happy to hear about the Ivory Gull! The first of many awesome birds, I’m sure! Zipping past 600 and onwards to 700! Keep it going! Deanna

  4. Great John!! Ivory Gull. What a bird. It would be so amazing to see one, I know.

  5. Dave Worthington says:

    Congratulations. I’ve been following your blog and really enjoying it. It couldn’t see Ivory Gull on your list of birds seen so far, although I did notice Sabine Gull seen on May 28th? I look forward to keeping track of the rest of your “Big Year”, Good Luck!

  6. LindaVanderpoel says:

    . . . speaking of hats. . notice John is the only one with a skull cap on. . weeny. . .

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