Alaska Adventure- Day 3 – Gambell-1st Megararity

This morning our Wings Group reconnoitered at the point.  This turned out to be a very wise decision.  The number of birds wasn’t impressive and the conversation quickly slipped into irreverent humor.  Jokes and stories began to fly, most coming from our leader, Jon Dunn, as expected.  Suddenly though  Dunn changed instantly from the jokester to a dialed in bird identification expert. “Shorebird” he shouted. And a moment later he followed with “Great Knot!”.

Great Knot at the Point (Photo by David Hollie)

There it was flying north along the water’s edge only 40 feet in front of us!  White rump and black in the wings.  This is a bird I didn’t dare dream of on this trip.  Which says something, because I’m dreaming big. This photo was shot by David Hollie.

Later today we added 4 Dovekie on the sea cliffs and a female Common Ringed Plover.  Stay tuned for tomorrow. The birds are moving north and I’ve got a feeling that good things will continue to happen.

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2 Responses to Alaska Adventure- Day 3 – Gambell-1st Megararity

  1. Jeff Thomas says:

    Hi John, I’m enjoying your blog and rooting for your big year. Just looked at your checklist that was updated to 5/29/11 with 613 total, and you forgot the Ivory Gull… Birding must be good to overlook something like that!

  2. John Vanderpoel says:

    Thanks, Jeff. I’ve just corrected this oversight.

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