Alaska Adventure-Day 4 & 5 -Gambell

Things have slowed at Gambell.  The euphoria of the Ivory Gull and Great Knot from the first two days has been replaced by the realization that if the winds don’t change, it’s going to be slow going.  Yesterday I proclaimed it “Asian Stray Day” mainly to boost moral.  It at least helped us to find a brilliantly plumaged adult Red-necked Stint.

Red-necked Stint at Gambell (Photo by Dave Krueper)

This morning the winds had diminished and it seemed to be favorable for waterfowl.  Eighteen Emperor Geese brightened the spirits and six of us that went to the sea cliffs to look at Dovekie had the good luck to see a Bean Goose (most likely Tundra) fly directly overhead.

Tomorrow is the fifteen anniversary of my life Siberian Rubythroat, seen in Old Town on Gambell.  Hope we can repeat it.

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One Response to Alaska Adventure-Day 4 & 5 -Gambell

  1. jake monroe says:

    may the winds be with you !
    may this be a break-out day!
    thanx for sharing your adventures, for those of us who can only dream…..jake.

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