Alaska Adventure – Day 7 -Gambell

The winds are blowing out of the east bringing cold air from the Berring Sea to Gambell and blowing away any realistic chance of setting an ABA record.  The birding continued to be very slow with only three new trip birds (Whimbrel, Dark-eyed Junco and Pine Siskin)  and zero, that’s right zero, new year birds for the day.  Strong easterly winds keep the Asian migrants in Asia.  We did have a nice adult Sabine’s Gull  feeding at the point as well as fourteen  Yellow-billed Loons.

Sabine's Gull at the Point, Gambell (Photo by John Vanderpoel)

The forecast calls for continued easterly winds tomorrow but perhaps will pull something out of the hat.

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  1. Bill and Cathy Miller says:

    It’s great following your trip around the country, John. I see from one of your photos that our buddy Bill Osborne is in AK with you–if you get a chance, wish him a “Happy Birthday” for us (June 6) and check if he packed his Gerbil ear-muffs with him.

    Bill and Cathy Miller, Boulder

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