Alaska Adventure-Day 8 & 9-Gambell

This afternoon we finally leave Gambell.  Four days of strong east/northeast winds have dampened the spirits and I’m pretty shore everyone is looking forward to Nome.  Still there have been some pleasant highlights and here’s a few of them.

1.  The Ivory Gull chase the 1st night.  That was cool.  The call came in that there was an Ivory Gull at the point and the race was on.  Gunning the ATVs at 25 MPH over the loose Gambell stones and actually chasing down the snow white bird.

2. Speaking of ATVs, they were a blast to drive.  Todd Deininger drove like Mario Andretti and my brother Jim reflected “I’ve never driven an ATV before and now I’m not sure if I can live without one.”

The Wings Group at Gambell (Photo by Todd Deininger)

3. The food was tasty. Rich Hoyer did the cooking.  He will switch to trip coleader in Nome and if his guiding skills are as proficient as his cooking skills maybe we’ll add another Asian stray in Nome.

[EDITORIAL NOTE:  The worst case scenario has now happened.  We were forced to stay another day here in Gambell because of strong east cross winds on the runway]

4. 300,000 Crested Auklets flying by the point one evening in only one hour

5.  A pleasant group of 12 people.

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4 Responses to Alaska Adventure-Day 8 & 9-Gambell

  1. WAV says:

    Tough luck with the winds, but that is the way it goes. Any seals, whales or other mammals?


  2. Scott Vanderpoel says:

    I’m “shore” you’ll find something in Nome.

  3. LindaVanderpoel says:

    Scott, I “shore” did catch that too. . . you know by now that Dad had nothing but shore birds on the brain. . . . . .

  4. LindaVanderpoel says:

    The mad scramble on the ATV’s is not unlike the race for the wild dogs in SA. . . . . .

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