Antillean Nighthawk – Yes

Yes!  I saw and heard two male Antillean Nighthawks calling and display diving at the Marathon Airport.  This is a personal triumph.  Not just a life bird, but heard first with my Sennheiser Mic and headset than seen.  Anybody who has poor hearing like me can appreciate the satisfaction when you do hear a calling bird.

I stopped at the Tavernier Winne Dixie, but felt it was too noisy. So i drove the additional 30 miles and set up at the aiport in Marathon, a known nesting sight for Antillean Nighthawks.  Larry Manfredi suggested driving to the south end and sitting at a picnic table, but heard nothing.  It then dawned on me that Larry has exceptional hearing. So i drove back a 1/4 mile towards the terminal and bingo!!

Tomorrow morning is the pelagic trip.

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4 Responses to Antillean Nighthawk – Yes

  1. Deanna Campbell says:

    Yeah! You got the nighthawk! It really was disappointing back in April when we realized the reported Antilllean Nighthawks were actually Least Terns… That’ll be a bird for my next Florida trip… Fingers crossed for the Booby – and for other excellent pelagics! Say Hi to Larry if you see this before the boat!

    Really enjoying following your progress! Keep plugging!
    Cheers, Deanna

  2. Bill Kaempfer says:

    John, Potential critical issues have come up (literally-flood waters) that might cause problems with the ND trip. Check email. Bill

  3. Ethan Goodman says:


    Who knows if this will be countable in the end, but interesting nonetheles: Hooded Crow at Great Kills Park on Staten Island, NY. I believe it’s been there for a couple of weeks.

    See Andrew Baksh’s account:

    Keep tallying!

  4. John Vanderpoel says:

    Hi Ethan,

    Just noticed on NARBA that it was seen again today. I’m going to do some checking to see what the possibilities are. And what people think about the chances of it being accepted as a 1st North American record.


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