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This is my current 2011 Bird List updated as of 12-31-11.ABA Checklist 2011-Updated 12-31-11 There are two tabs. The first tab is in phylogenetic sequence. . The second tab chronological sequence for those birds seen this year, phylogenetic sequence for those that have yet to be seen. (if your having trouble opening the list try this PDF version in date sequence- JWV_2011_Final_Date Sequence_12-31-11 or in phylogenetic sequence JWV_2011_Phylogenetic Sequence_ 12-31-11 The six categories are closely based on the American Birding Association’s categories but each category relates to me and my planned trip itinerary. I’l use Green Jay as an example.  ABA has that as a category 2 bird because of it’s restricted range in southern Texas, but since I’ll definitely be in south Texas and it’s an easy bird to locate, I’ve categorized it as a #1.  Winter Wren is very common in the east, but I’ve categorized it as a #3. I’ll have to work hard for this one (or add another trip to the southeast)

I’ve added several new lists for your enjoyment:

Quest for a Thousand (Non-birds) seen in 2011 Quest for a Thousand 2011 Checklist 10-08-11Here’s a PDF version Quest for a Thousand 2011 Checklist 7-20-11 Sheet1

Target Birds (Updated on 10-26-11)Target Birds Remaning Updated 10-11-11 Here it is in a PDF form Target Birds Remaning Updated 8-07-11 Target Birds by state

John Vanderpoel’s projected 2011 totals – 2011 Projected Big Year Totals (revised 4_09_11)

Bob Ake’s 2010 Big Year list – Bob Ake’s List

Lynn Barber’s 2008 Big Year list – Lynn Barber’s Big Year 2008


11 Responses to Bird List

  1. Joe Roller says:

    Thanks for calling me today and reminding me to follow your adventures on the blog. Good luck and keep truckin’! Tell your wife Happy Birthday.

  2. Katherine Bunker-Popma says:

    just wanted you to know that we have returned from visiting our son and his family in Falmouth NS Canada and had good looks at the Pink-footed Goose on Thurs. Nov. 3 at 10:30 am. I observed it feeding for about 15 mins. with my scope from the parking lot of the Glad Tidings Church on the Chester Rd. along with the flock of Canada Geese. Then it sat down and if I had been later I would not have been able to see it in the long grass.
    I relocated the Canada Geese flock on Nov 4 a little further away from the road but could not find the Pink-footed Goose, although it easily could have been there as there are many little dips in the field, and if it happens to be resting the grass obscures it. I returned to look again on Nov. 5 and although the flock was a little easier to see being closer to the main road, I could not find the Pink-footed Goose. Again, the distance was difficult. All the geese seemed to be feeding and did not fly from this location the 3 days I was there. The minimum temps were -1 and -2 and there were flurries on Nov. 5. However, the weather is forecast to become warmer this week I understand.

    I realize now I was very lucky at that first sighting to find the goose so close by, but a good scope would find it anywhere I think.

    Good luck with this
    Sackville N.B. Canada

  3. matt beatty says:

    Red-flanked Bluetail on San Clemente Island (LA co.) reported on ebird today.

  4. Mark Benson says:

    Will you be looking for the red-flanked bluetail on San Clemente Island, near Los Angelos?

    Mark B

  5. Grace Oliver says:

    Hi John,
    Did you see the ebird report of Red-flanked Bluetail on San Clemente Island; seen Dec 6?
    Best of luck on this final leg!!!!!

  6. John Vanderpoel says:


    The Red-flanked Bluetail was eaten by a Loggerhead Shrike!!!!

  7. Nick Varvel says:

    Hello John,

    I fianlly finished reading everything, after sitting at the computer for nearly half my Sunday. This has by far the best read I’ve had in quite a while. I am a pretty new birder, and a Big Year is quite a ways out of my skill and budget, so reading this is really great. Congrats on all the species you’ve seen, and thank you for provding someone like me a look into this awesome event.


  8. John Vanderpoel says:

    Thanks, Nick. Glad you’ve enjoyed it.

  9. blake newsome says:

    I am going to do a big year

  10. John Vanderpoel says:

    Hi Blake,

    Will it be in 2013?

  11. Shirley Ruhe says:

    I am searching for some information for a bird article I am writing about our trip to Texas. I have recently published several bird articles after retiring and am now focusing on our trip to Texas in 2011. We were at Quinta Mazalan the day before you arrived on your Big Year looking for the Golden-crowned warbler. There was a sign in the lobby welcoming you, and the park had spotters looking for you. As it turned out we missed you and actually saw the Golden-crowned warbler in the Butterfly Garden the next day. I wanted to check some facts–as I recall at that point you were three birds away from breaking the total. But I’m not sure and I don’t know the total at that time. Can you help me out? Thank you.,

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