Fall in Alaska

As our Alaska Airlines flight descended over Anchorage yesterday evening, I glanced out of the plane window and was surprised to see mile after mile of gold forest below me; aspen and poplars had turned colors in mass creating a scene reminiscent of a Monet painting.  As soon as I stepped outside to take the shuttle to the Coast International Inn, the evening chill in the air caused an involuntary shutter. As we passed Lake Hood, flocks of ducks and grebes were scattered on the water. Fall has arrived in Alaska.

I was hoping to fly standby on the 11:45 AM Sunday flight to St. Paul, but the flight was full so I’m stuck another night in Anchorage. Made the best of it by watching the Bears lose to the Packers and getting some work done.   But I was disappointed. Doug Gochfeld, who replaced Forrest Rowland as the bird guide a couple of weeks ago, had e-mailed me to let me know that on Saturday he found two Bramblings at different places on the island and had scattered the remaining emergency stash of bird seed in an attempt to hold the birds.  I’ve brought along 4 lbs of seed and hopefully my brother, Bill, will bring another 10 lbs or so.  The heavy hitters are bringing 40 lbs. but won’t arrive till Oct. 1.

Westerly winds Sunday night and all day Monday. Stay tuned.

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