Feb 18, 2012

Making me look like Carnac the Magnificent, last Saturday (Feb 18, 2012) Brian Patteson, the Admiral of the Atlantic,  had a Black-browed Albatross only one mile out from Hatteras Inlet that  stayed with his boat for forty-five minutes!  It was an amazing pelagic trip indeed.  They also had three or four different Great Skuas as well.  An Iceland Gull, Dovekie,, and multiple Razorbills rounded out the rarities. This was dubbed as the “greatest winter pelagic trip ever” and who can argue.

If I had been doing a Big Year this year, I would have been on this boat. Here are some photos of the trip from Scott Winton.



On this date in 2011, I was at 347 species.  You could assume that this years Big year birder would be around the same numbers but would have been about five or six rarities ahead of me…and that’s what counts.

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2 Responses to Feb 18, 2012

  1. Darrell Russ says:

    John give me a call. Every time I try your number at home, I get a message saying it is not working. 720-364-9729

  2. Keenan Ennis says:

    John. My name is Keenan and I really enjoyed following your big year last year. I was pulling for you to break the record. I was hoping for some help. I live in NJ and Im going to Washington state to bird for the first time. I have a list of 9 possible lifers Id love to chase. Can you give me any information on an active WA birder who may be able to give me a possible best place to find some of these birds. Thanks, Keenan

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