Fraizer Mountain

Fun was the theme for today.  Only one year-bird needed and it would be easy.  No pressure and lot’s of time devoted for increasing my “Quest for a Thousand” yearlist. Don Desjardin and I set off from Ventura, CA for Fraizer Mountain with stops along the way.

Our first stop was in Ballinger Canyon, Santa Barbara County to do some herping. The Blunt-nosed Leopard Lizard, a San Joaquin endemic lizard, lives here, however, we didn’t find any.  Don did find a Gilbert’s Skink.  Actually Don dug in to a pale of straw like a Grizzly Bear digging in to termites and pulled this badboy out.

Don Desjardin with a Gilbert's Skink (Photo by John Vanderpoel)

Our next stop was into Carrizo Plain National Monument in Kern Co. for the San Joaquin (Nelson’s) Antelope Squirrel. Another endangered species of the San Joaquin Valley.

John Vanderpoel searching for herps in the Carrizo Plain (Photo by Don Desjardin)

We saw dozens of Nelson’s Antelope Squirrels, but getting a good photo was tough.

Nelson's Antelope Ground Squirrel in the Carrizo Plains (Photo by Don Desjardin)

As the temperature climbed we decided to head up to Frazier Mountain in Ventura County.  There are three springs there that Don’s had good luck filming birds at.  At the first one, we didn’t see any birds initially.  As we opened the car doors we realized why. There was an immature N. Goshawk screaming at us from the top of a pine tree.

Immature N. Goshawk at Fraizer Mountain (Photo by John Vanderpoel)

Immature N. Goshawk at Fraizer Mtn. (photo by John Vanderpoel)

The parents flew over us and the spring off and on over the next two hours. The spring had three White-headed Woodpeckers feeding in the pines around it. Year-bird #669.  On the return trip we had (ho-hum) another Bobcat. My seventh Bobcat of the year.

White-headed Woodpecker (year-bird #669) (Photo by John Vanderpoel)

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One Response to Fraizer Mountain

  1. Jim Vanderpoel says:

    This is bobcat madness–you have seen more bobcats this year than the entire family has in all of our lifetimes!

    Good job on the white-headed woodpecker.


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