Full Chase Mode – Planning

“Full Chase Mode” that was to be the title of todays blog.  At least that was my idea for the blog title on July 2, 2011.   There would have been planning necessary what with all the rarities that were in play.  But then things began to change, or should I say began to dry up.  The Common Crane didn’t hold on Queen Charlotte Island.  The Green Violetear in Marquette, Michigan was gone by mid morning of the 3rd.  The Lesser Sand Plover in Bolsa Chica was gone after staying there for a week.  I was too slow to pull the trigger on each of them.  So this morning after consulting with Bill Kaempfer, Bill Vanderpoel and Stuart Healey I had decided to fly to Regina, Saskatchewan on Thusday and head south into the prairies in hope of Baird’s Sparrow, Spraque’s Pipit, Upland Sandpiper and Gray Partridge.

And I may still do that…on Friday.  However, I won’t be flying there tomorrow.  That’s because I’m writing this blog at 30,000’ on a United Airlines flight to Tucson.  At 2:00 PM today a Tufted Flycatcher was seen at Boyce Thompson Arboretum, which is 50 miles east of Phoenix and 120 miles northwest of Tucson.  I got a call from Stuart Healy and my brother, Bill. Much appreciated.

I have no idea if I’ll actually see this bird. I hope to because it would be an ABA life bird and Bob Ake had one last December in Big Bend NP.  But we’ll have to see what tomorrow brings.  I’ll tell you one thing, though, I’ll be there when Boyce Thompson opens tomorrow at 6:00 AM. that’s for certain…..because I’m in full chase mode.

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  1. John says:

    Little Stint in N CA.

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