Headed to the Lower Rio Grand Valley

I’m flying to San Antonio via Nashville, TN and then will drive to the LRGV.  I’m chasing the Rose-throated Becard and whatever else 300+ birders at the Rio Grande Birding Festival might turn up today. So I’m excited by the Texas prospects, but my thoughts drift northwest -amazing birds keep turning up in Adak.  Yesterday it was a Great Egret, Northern Shrike, the largest flock of Eurasain Wigeon that Issac’s ever seen and a “greenfinch” type bird that got away.  Whooper Swans are now wintering on the island.

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5 Responses to Headed to the Lower Rio Grand Valley

  1. Sam Plew says:


    The Rose-throated Becard and Whopper Swan are a great possibility. Do you have a top 11 wish list for the next few weeks?

  2. Andy Boyce says:

    Un-ID’d Wagtail seen this morning in Mass. Probably NOT Eastern Yellow. Folks are thinking Citrine or Western Yellow. Not yet relocated, but it would surely add to the list if it is refound. Good luck.

  3. Deanna Campbell says:

    Sounds to me like another $525 worth of Alaska Airmiles is in order – Adak in November/December?! YIKES! But you’re only doing this crazy year once! Go for it!
    Good Becarding, Deanna

  4. Alex Stark says:

    Good luck John! Thanks for keeping us up to date. We love reading your blog!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Go John go! The birding group at the University of North Texas is rooting for you to break the record!

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