Himalayan Snowcock

This morning was an early rise. I’ll go into today in more depth but for now, I did get the snowcock, but only because a helicopter came into the cirque and¬†flushed two. Gary was obscured by a tree and missed them. ¬†We go back tomorrow with the British Columbia connection, Guy and Murray

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2 Responses to Himalayan Snowcock

  1. John says:

    Well, that’s certainly a little different.

  2. Jim McCarty says:

    Hey John:

    Great to see you got the Aztec thrush. Larry, Jeff & I were actually there the following day (Saturday) & missed it. Of course, it showed up again on Sunday as we were flying home.

    Wouldn’t that have been cool if we had run into you? We ended up with 156 species, including Montezuma quail, zone-tailed hawk and berylline hummer. Missed the white-eared too (no Beatty’s this year).

    I was wondering: Do you mind if I publish one of your Aztec shots in my Plain Dealer story about SE AZ? I would give you credit, and you would be in good company with shots by Judy Semroc and Jerry Talkington.

    Good luck on your quest. I continue to follow your blog religiously, much better than the Big Year, in my opinion.


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