Home from Texas

I’m home from Texas! On Tuesday, Jan. 25, I successfully located the Eurasian Wigeon among at least 4000 American Wigeons at the Clovis Sewage Ponds in New Mexico.  That afternoon I birded Santa Rosa State Park, which was practically devoid of birds, except for Mountain Bluebird.  Based on Bill Kaempfer’s recommendation, on the drive home from Texas I decided to bird Colorado 12 (the Highway of Legends) from Trinidad to La Veta yesterday morning.  The scenery was breath taking, though the birding was rather slow.  I did find an adult male Yellow-bellied Sapsucker feeding in the cottonwood trees alongside the park with the baseball diamond in the front of town. An excellent bird for Colorado, but unfortunately already on my year list.  Juniper Titmice were easy to find in the Pinon-Juniper forests along the highway. Beverly Jensen’s feeders in La Veta were also slow, though there were a few Cassin’s Finches and a single Evening Grosbeak, both of which were year birds.  My “Big Year” total now stands at 297 species.

Later this week I’ll post some reflections on Texas and the Big Year.

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  1. Scott says:

    No pictures from the breathtaking scenery?

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