Is Anyone Attempting a “Full Blown” ABA Big Year in 2012?

Just wondering if anyone is attempting a “Full Blown” ABA Big Year in 2012?  This January has started out with a bang, certainly more rarities than last January.  The Common Chaffinch and LaSagra’s Flycatcher on the East coast are exciting.  Texas is still strong with Black-vented Oriole, Crimson-collared Grosbeak, Blue Bunting (hit or miss), Brown Jay and multiple Golden-crowned Warblers.  Arizona has two rarities – Nutting’s Flycatcher and Rufous-capped Warbler. There are also more Black-capped Gnatcatchers in the stae than last year.  The Falcated Duck continues at Colussa NWR in N. California and the Dusky Thrush was showing its self at the begining of Jan up in Anchorage.

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  1. Thor Manson says:

    Hi John: I can confirm to readers of your blog that the Golden crowned Warbler is being seen multiple times a day at Frontera Audubon in Weslaco, although, ( from my point of view ), impossible to photograph. Allen William’s backyard in Pharr has a female Crimson collared Grosbeak showing up daily, especially at feeding time, ( 8:00-9:00 a.m. ).
    The Black vented Oriole, however, that was being reported at Bentsen State Park, however, hasn’t been seen for over a week. Thor

    Thor Manson
    Oliver, B.C.
    currently in Mission, Texas

  2. Theresia Schwinghammer says:

    I have been wondering the same thing…since your year ended I am kind of lost! I looked forward to coming home each night after work to see the updates!

  3. Thor Manson says:

    Hi John: I can confirm that the Golden crowned Warbler is showing multiple times each day at Frontera Audubon in Weslaco. A female Crimson collared Grosbeak is also being seen there sporadically. Another one is very regular at Allen William’s backyard in Pharr. Unfortunately, the Black vented Oriole that had been so regular at Bensten State Park has not been seen for about a week and a half. Thor

  4. Gary Clark says:

    John – Not attempting a true big year, but your adventure has inspired us to do a serious year list; have 162 so far. Really enjoyed following your trips; it was a daily event for us. Thanks for all the entertainment, and congrats on your incredible accomplishment.
    PS: We met you in Lamoille NV, the day after you found the Himalayan Snowcock.

  5. John Vanderpoel says:

    Hi Gary,

    Yes, I remember that. Keep me posted on your year totals. What trips are you planning?


  6. David Millican says:

    Hey John! Don’t know if you’ve gotten any of my emails, but I was wondering if (more like how much) advice you have for Arizona.

  7. Hi John

    I’ve been inspired by reading your blog, and my husband and I are now attempting a lower 48 big year. We’ve been mostly planning so far, with a bit of birding in Indiana, but we’ll be free to spend all our time birding starting in 2 weeks, and from then we’ll be mostly on the road.


  8. John Vanderpoel says:

    Hi Clare,

    Good luck, I’ll be following your progress. There are some great birds around this winter to help send you off to a good start


  9. Hi

    I left a comment last week but for some reason it didn’t get posted.

    I had just wanted to let you know that I am attempting a scaled back big year as a first time birder. I was inspired by both the book The Big Year and reading about your adventures and chase to catch Sandy Komito. I have always loved photographing birds and my wife has been a birder for the entire time we’ve known each other. I am traveling around the US and Canada quite a bit this year and learning how to bird while trying to see the greatest number of birds. January saw 121 birds for my list, most lifers. I will be in Florida 5 of the next 8 weeks, followed by Nevada and a trip into Arizona. Hoping to find a guide there.
    Any advice you can give would be incredibly welcome


  10. Mark says:

    This is a father and son team from Cincinnati.

  11. John,

    I didn’t get his name, but Renee and I met a birder from Texas who said he was doing a full-blown year with a target of “somewhere around 700.” We were discussing the cost of his Alaska plans and they were more expensive than our entire budget for the year!


  12. Mike Hendrickson says:

    There were two people on the Sax-Zim Bog Winter Bird Festival doing a 2012 Big Year.. I never met them and I was told by some of my leaders about them. I do not how serious they are but they might be serious.

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