January 11, 2012

Folks, I’ve been negligent in approving comments until just now. Sorry about that.  I was slammed with a nasty cold that hit just before year end. Can’t complain though as it was my first cold or illness of 2011.  Anyway thanks once again for all the great comments.


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4 Responses to January 11, 2012

  1. Paul Parsons says:

    Well done, your big year was a massive and rewarding effort indeed. 744 without Attu is an amazing tally. I really enjoyed following your adventures and discussing your strategies with other Welsh birders who were following them. I have heard that Attu is open this year, which should get a few people trying a big year too. Do you know of anyone attempting it this year?


  2. John Vanderpoel says:

    Hi Paul,

    From what I can tell, no one is doing a full blown ABA Big Year this year. Which is too bad because there are/were some great Jan. birds

  3. Ben Peters says:

    744 wow!
    I was looking at your list and saw a lot of vagrants and accidentals but one in particular caught my eye.
    Where and When did you get Eskimo Curlew? I thought that that one was on the brink of extinction.

    Happy Birding!

  4. John Vanderpoel says:


    I just double checked my year-list to make sure there wasn’t a clerical mistake and Eskimo Curlew was NOT on it. What are you refering to?


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