Las Vegas

I’m in Las Vegas till Sunday to celebrate my wife, Linda’s 60th birthday along with family  and friends.  It’s strictly non-birding (though would anyone really notice if I slip away tomorrow morning to the Henderson Sewage Ponds?).  I leave for Ventura Monday morning to bird with my good friend, Don Desjardin. My next post will be Monday, Feb 28.

In the mean time I’ve asked my brother, Jim, to post to the blog about the Quest for a Thousand which will follow shortly.

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  1. Morgan Churchill says:

    To be honest…I am actually just as interested in the amphibians/reptiles/mammals you are looking for. Are you specifically targeting certain species as well for those, or are you just picking them up along the way.

  2. John Vanderpoel says:

    Helo Morgan,

    This year I’ll probably “run and gun” for my mammals, reptiles and amphibians so as not to slow down the birds, but often we’ve taken trips designed more for herps and mammals than birds. In fact come to think of it last Sunday we spent 12 hours riding the roads for Lynx and Wolfs!

  3. Morgan Churchill says:

    Thanks for the response

    I am similar in that I am a hardcore birder but also a big mammal and herp lister

    Going back to your more recent post, I have heard it said (in conversation) that 250 species of mammal would be the equivalent of the ABA 700 birds for NA. John Fox did a “mammal big year” last year and I think managed to get over a 100 species, but that also means going after a lot of chipmunks, ground squirrels, etc, which are not always found in birding hotspots.

    No idea what good number of herps would be, although I would expect it to be around the 500 mark given the US checklist has almost hit the 700 mark. I suspect a lot of herpers HAVE hit that mark if not gone over.

  4. John Vanderpoel says:


    Interesting. I’m surprised with 250 mammals. You’d probably have to work mice and voles? I agree with you on the herps for sure.
    I’d be happy to get 100 herps this year. Much more than that might cost me birds.

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