Mode Poursuite Intensive

As many of you have figured out by now I’m once again back in full chase mode. Or as we say in Quebec “mode poursuite intensive”.  I’ll be on an early morning flight tomorrow to Boston where Doug Koch has once again volunteered to pick me up.  Saturday and Sunday we’ve got back-to-back pelagic trips. Saturday we will sail out of Rhode Island and Sunday we base out of Hyannis.  The Great Skua is our target species. I need it as a year-bird and Doug, who’s one hell of a photographer, wants photos of it.  Sunday evening immediately after the pelagic trip has finished we will drive to Logan International Airport, pick up Ken Peterson and head to the Chambly basin for the Graylag Goose.  Rumor has it Bland Liz and the Hitman may make an appearance.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Ken Tarbox says:

    There is a Redwing in Seward Alaska the last three days. I saw it today with a number of birders who have come to Seward to see it. Pictures are posted on Akbirding which is a yahoo group. Also, pictures are under my name at KPBirding -also a yahoo group.

    The bird has been saying around a few houses and the local birders are trying to keep it in the area with feed. This is a new State of Alaska record and I believe only a couple have been seen on the west coast. One in Washington I believe.

    Just thought you would like to know. If you want more information on location contact me or read the Akbirding or KPbirding posts.

  2. Don says:

    There is currently a Black-tailed Gull near Ashtabula, OH.

  3. John Vanderpoel says:

    Thanks, Ken. I’m going to make a play for it. Hopefully it will stay a while longer.

  4. The very best of luck to you John. The Redwing is a beautiful bird. I hope to see one in France next year when I stay with my parents.
    Keep finding those birds !!! Love the blog.
    Saskatoon, Canada

  5. You really need to get here, and bring arctic quality gear, too. I, too, left my home in Anchorage today, and went down to see the drive-up mega rarity on the beach in Seward, Alaska. Fantastic bird to see. It’s very cold now, but roads are dry, and it’s easy to get to Seward. It’s supposed to warm up a little by Sunday. Local folks are stripping trees for berries to keep the bird here, and I think it’ll stay awhile. Where else can it go? The mt. passes around Seward were -19 F when I drove thru enroute to Seward, so I think this bird is boxed in for quite awhile. I suggest you come up here & get this Redwing Thrush, and then head to Adak for the Whooper Swans. Carol in Seward, 907-224-5620 or Joe 907-362-1841 (both from Seward) are keeping close tabs on this bird and can give you an update. If you need help in Anchorage with anything, let me know.

  6. Dave Brown says:

    There was a Redwing in Newfoundland some years ago (annual here) that learned to accept hand outs from a lady who places berries on her patio. Also, during cold snaps in the UK they will frequent gardens for periods of time when people are offering chopped Apples. So , if you run out of berries I’d try apples. If it gets way below freezing the apples need to be diced so they can be swallowed whole otherwise the birds can get pieces off of them.


  7. Thanks, Dave, I shared that info with folks in Seward. Besides the extreme cold, this bird has other fierce obstacles to overcome. Its placement in the garden of a beach house is precarious at best, right in the flight path of numerous bald eagles. The redwing is hanging close to a bunch of ravens. Yesterday as I sat with the bird a bald eagle cruised 20 feet over my head, checking out the redwing and raven friends, and a squadron of ravens chased it off. Amazing! Thanks again for the info.

  8. Dave Brown says:


    Another consideration might be offering earthworms or mealworms. I imagine that ice fishing must be relatively popular out there so maybe its possible to get earthworms this time of year. Of course, these would probably also be attractive to those Ravens. Amazing that its associating with Ravens, I’ve never heard of anything like that.

  9. Jean-Pierre Barry says:

    Just to be picky it should be : mode pleine chasse or even better French “mode poursuite intensive”
    More important the bird is still there along with a surprising Fulvous Whistling-duck

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