North to Michigan

Birding on the Chicago lakefront this morning was awful.  A cold, fierce wind from the north must have made it as unpleasant for the birds as the birders. Mark V and I had one Redstart at Montrose.  So I left early for Tawas Point which i’ll work tomorrow. This evening I went to Tuttle Marsh.  No N. Saw-wet Owl, but this cooperative American Woodcook kept me from getting shut out for the day.

American Woodcock at Tuttle Marsh, MI (Photo by John Vanderpoel)

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  1. Joe Prochaska says:

    Henslow’s in Michigan! If you are still in Michigan and still need the Henslow’s, I had one calling on territory a few days ago, west of Ann Arbor about 10 miles south of Chelsea off I-94. I can tell you exactly where it is. There were actually two here, email me.

    Joe Prochaska

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