Northern California (Aug. 16 thru Aug 23.)

Tomorrow begins an important chapter in my Big Year.  I’ve signed up for five pelagic trips with Debbie Shearwater. I’ll also do some land birding while I travel from Bodega to Ft. Bragg. Here is a list of trip target birds:

Pelagic Birds
  Short-tailed Albatross  (unlikely)
  Galapagos/Hawaiian Petrel  (possible)
  Cook’s Petrel  (possible)
  Flesh-footed Shearwater (possible)Black-vented Shearwater (unlikely)
  Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel (likely)
Land Birds
  Vaux’s Swift (possible)
  Cassin’s Vireo (possible)Here is my California Trip schedule:

Tues 8/16/11 – Fly to Sacramento, drive to Roehnert Park.

Wed 8/17/11 – Pelagic trip out of Bodega Bay

Thur 8/18/11 – Bird and travel to Ft. Bragg

Fri    8/19/11 – Pelagic trip out of Ft. Bragg

Sat   8/20/11 – Pelagic trip out of Ft. Bragg

Sun  8/21/11 – Pelagic trip out of Ft. Bragg

Mon 8/22/11 – Pelagic trip out of Ft. Bragg

Tue  8/23/11 – Fly Sacramento to Denver

I’ll discuss the details of the pelagic trips later. For now I’d like to appeal to my blog readers.  If you’re familiar with any breeding locations of Cassin’s Vireo in the coastal range of California between Bodega head and Ft. Bragg, please let me know.  Jon Dunn has actually declared Cassin’s Vireo as an official “blunder”.  I know that they prefer mixed deciduous/conifer canyons to breed.  They certainly have started to wander, but have not yet pushed into Arizona.  I’ll be searching for the vireo tomorrow and again on Thursday.  Thanks in advance.

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