Notice: Pelagic Trip Invitation – Dec. 27, 2011

For over a month now, I’ve been kicking around the idea of scheduling a pelagic trip for Great Skua with Brian Patteson. Yesterday we decided to proceed with the trip. Brian feels that we have a good chance of finding a Great Skua and when Brian talks about east coast pelagic birding people listen and take note.  His credentials are impeccable; he is indeed the Admiral of the Atlantic. We should also see plenty of Razorbills, Dovekie and perhaps Atlantic Puffin, but Brian would better be able to predict what we might see.  This is an invitation to any of you blog readers to join me on my quest. I would thoroughly enjoy meeting you and celebrating a Great Skua with you!!  There is even a possibility that Bob Ake, last years Big Year champion, may join us to lend his support, but that is still up in the air.

Date & Location

Dec. 27 out of Hatteras, NC aboard the Stormy Petrel.  There would be a weather day on the 28th.  We picked this date so that participants could spend Christmas at home then travel on Dec 26.  If no vagrant pops up for me to chase immediately after the trip, there is the possibility that on the 28th  we could journey out into the Gulf Stream to search for Bermuda Petrel.  Of course, this is a long shot, but one never knows.

Contact Information

Please contact Brian directly to reserve a reservation. I’ll be way to busy chasing megas to act as an intermediary.  Brian’s contact information is as follows:


phone(252) 986-1363

Hope to see you on board!!!



John Vanderpoel


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8 Responses to Notice: Pelagic Trip Invitation – Dec. 27, 2011

  1. John says:

    Always trying to find ways to complicate my life, aren’t you?

  2. Nick says:

    Best of luck! Hope you’re on a roll after Alaska and whatever comes next. Might a better sacrifice to Neptune help before your next pelagic? I’m thinking a hecatomb of your best Colorado cattle to win the sea-god’s favor. It seems to me he owes you at least a Great Skua, perhaps a Great Auk…

  3. Todd Myers says:

    John, with all the Christmas Bird Counts going on within the next 2 weeks you might find some of your target birds. 5 to tie and 6 to win, heck go for 750–a good round number. I’ve got my eyes wide open for birds to help you out. Todd Myers, Arvada, CO.

  4. Virginia L. Vandermeer says:

    Hi, John
    Gary and I will be on our way home from celebrating Christmas with my daughter and family. If there was any way to join you, we would love it. We wanted to meet you when you got the Falcated Teal -err Duck :-) but had prior commitments. It was close but just couldn’t make it. We enjoyed birding with you in Gambell and have been following your “quest”. Hope you make at least 746!!!

    Gary Grenfell & Virginia Vandermeer

  5. Marilyn Rhodes says:

    This is so exciting. Go, Johnny, go!!!

  6. Gloria Nikolai says:

    It appears that Sandy Komito’s list has been amended to 748 once three of his birds were accepted by the state committees and then the ABA. Good luck John, I am rooting for you!

  7. Jim McCarty says:

    Hey John: Looks like we’ll be joining you on the Patteson pelagic Dec. 27.
    Jeff Wert, my son Bret & I are all signing up. Still waiting to hear from Larry.
    Hope it’s fun and successful. Would be so awesome if you picked up the Great skua and other unsuspected rarities!

    Merry Christmas and Good Luck!


  8. John Vanderpoel says:


    This is awesome news!!!!!! It will be great to bird with you guys during the Big Year!!!!!!

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