Oriental Turtle Dove (Gambell 10/22/11)

I got the Oriental Turtle Dove though it wasn’t easy. I walked for 7 hours before it flushed. Hopefully the photos will look good. ┬áMy plan is to write a more thorough account and adding photos tomorrow morning when the Internet connection will be much faster, but wanted to get the word out now.

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2 Responses to Oriental Turtle Dove (Gambell 10/22/11)

  1. Ethan Goodman says:

    Wow. You keep going like this and we may be looking at a January 2012 meet & greet with Owen Wilson! (Just saw The Big Year. A very well-done movie, by the way). Now go get that Bunting!

  2. LindaVanderpoel says:

    yay! The five hundred and twenty five dollar bird. . . . . . .

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