Pump House Lake – St. Paul, Day 2

Give me four Advil and some Bengay. I’m sore.  It’s not so much from a lot of walking as it is from walking through the thick vegetation and celery stalks on the island. You need to raise your legs high on each step or you’ll fall flat on your face.

Most of the excitement today came from Pump House Lake.  As the three of us drove towards the lake we saw a long goose fly in and land near some reeds. Clearly it wasn’t a Black Brant, Cackling or Emperor Goose so we all got excited.  Visions of Bean Goose, Lesser White-fronted and Pink-footed flashed through my mind.  But eventually we all could see the orange bill – it was an immature Greater White-fronted Goose.  I nice bird for the island, but not a new year-bird.   The walk around netted several shorebird species including three Sharp-tailed Sandpipers.  Out day end total for this species was 26!  On the walk out we flushed a pipit.  After getting a scope on the bird, we realized it was the japonicus race of American Pipit.

The weather was pretty fair today as was Monday.  Here’s a couple of photos including one for Bland Liz and Jimmy V.  No lochness monster on these Northern Fur Seals.

Doug Gochfeld and Bruce Mack (Photo by John Vanderpoel)

N. Fur Seal with Pup (Photo by John Vanderpoel)

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2 Responses to Pump House Lake – St. Paul, Day 2

  1. Jim Vanderpoel says:

    Now your’e talking!

  2. John says:

    I had a similar experience on Adak in May 2009. There was a brown goose far out on Clam Lagoon. I said it could be a Gr. White-fronted but Bean Goose spp. were much more common on the island. So of course it turned out to be a Gr. White-fronted. It was new for my Adak list, but I and everyone else would have preferred either flavor of Bean Goose.

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