Sharing a Plane with Oakland Raiders Fans – Sept 13,2011

It’s Tuesday afternoon and I’m on a Frontier Airlines Flight to Sacramento.  Unfortunately, I’m sharing the plane with dozens of Raiders fans on board. The only thing worse than having to sit next to Raiders fans is having to sit next to happy Raiders fans. They beat the Broncos last night on Monday Night Football. Please!…. the flight attendants will run out of Budweiser before we cross the Rocky Mountains!

Anyway, as I walked through the DIA A concourse this morning, I wondered just how many flights there have been thus far during my Big Year. Now I’m not the type of guy that reflects on what has been or might have been.  I’m always more focused on what is to be. Looking forward, pushing ahead, plotting my strategy; guess that’s why I used to enjoy playing chess so much. Besides when I do get around to reconstructing my Big Year, my blog will provide the framework.  But I do know there have been lots of flights. An awful lot!

However, this trip should be fun.  Here’s the tentative itinerary.  Tonight I’ll meet up with Bill V. in Bodega Bay.  Tomorrow we have a Shearwater Journeys Pelagic trip.  Chris Hitt and Doug Koch (see Aug 2 blog post) will also be onboard. Thursday is a travel day to Half Moon Bay. On Friday I’ll take another pelagic trip with Debi Shearwater.  On Saturday I join Roger Wolf out of Monterey Bay for a third pelagic trip.  Rumor has it that Matt from Ohio, who’s also doing a Big Year will also be on board some of the trips so that should be very interesting. Now Chris and Doug are not here to bask in my sparkling personality.  They want what I want a mega rarity or two. I also need to pick up a Flesh-footed Shearwater.

If all goes well, on Sunday I’ll join Don Desjardin and Larry Sansone to chase two Ruffs that are holding at the Ventura Duck Ponds.  Then I’ll travel back north to Sacramento for a return flight to Denver.

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  1. Raiders4Life says:

    Go RAIDERS !!! ;-)

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