South Portugal Cove and the western Avalon

Wrapped up my Newfoundland trip with a visit to South Portugal Cove for the Redwing that has been hanging in the area and seen sporadically. Dave and I were unsuccessful, which wasn’t surprising, but did get 5 new year birds including Purple Sandpiper.  That’s significant because I never planned an early year trip to the East Coast, and would have needed to visit the eastern seaboard this December for Purple Sandpiper.

Highlight of the day was undoubtedly the Harp Seal that Dave spotted on the far side of the small bay. Great lifer mammal for me and one more notch in my quest for a thousand.

Anyway I leave early tomorrow morning for Colorado. I’m home for four days then off to Texas. I may try for the Boreal owl with my brother this weekend on Cameron Pass, if so I’ll report. If not my next report will be early next week.

By the way, Dave Brown is a hell of a birder.  The guy lives and breaths Newfoundland birds!  Check out his website.

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