Southeastern Arizona

I landed this morning in Tucson rented an SUV and immediately drove to Sierra Vista to begin my 6 day/5 night trip in the Sky Islands of Southeast Arizona.  My plan is to spend three days in the Huachuca Mountains then three more in the Santa Rita Mountains before returning to Denver Monday afternoon.  There are 40 bird species  I could possibly get (not counting megararities) but I’d feel good about twenty species if they’re the right 20.

I stated with a hike up Miller Canyon, hoping for the Spotted Owl.  No luck, but I did get a Broad-tailed Hummingbird and this Hermit Warbler.

Hermit Warbler in Miller Canyon, AZ (Photo by John Vanderpoel)

Late in the evening, I swung over to the legendary Ramsey Canyon.  Two more year-birds both hummingbirds and this Yarrow’s Spiny Lizard.

Yarrow's Spiny Lizard (Photo by John Vanderpoel)

Tomorrow I’ll give a more serious effort for the Spotted Owl. Talk to you then.

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