Standed in San Antonio – No Green Violetear and No Way Home

I’m at the airport in San Antonio with dim prospect of getting back to Denver.  That would have been a huge problem except that we’ve had to cancel the N. Dakota tip because of the flooding in Minot and no lodging available in Williston.  The wheels have definitely fallen off my “Big year” express.  Tried for the Green Violetear yesterday in Ingram with no success.  I did appreciate the hospitality of the Isoms. What a beautiful home they have on the banks of the Guadalupe River.

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2 Responses to Standed in San Antonio – No Green Violetear and No Way Home

  1. Rick Dorazil says:


    I really enjoy reading about your big year, what a commitment. Though I must admit I am more positive than you…what a great job you are doing with more than 1/2 a year to go you are a mere 83 away from the magic 725 we talked about…I have a feeling that number will be met.

    When are you in Texas next so a novice (me) can tag along?

  2. Dave Brown says:

    Hey John,

    You know what always help me get over a missed trip to North Dakota? A Lesser Sandplover!! I assume you’ve seen the NARBA report. My Newfoundland year list is at 211. That’s 37 from the record and 49 from the “unattainable” 260. Keep going, there’s plenty of time left yet. There is often a big push on rarities in early fall and late winter. Are you planning an Alaska trip in September?

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