Streak-backed Oriole – No

Yesterday morning while on the computer arranging travel plans, I received a call from Gary Matthews that a Streak-backed Oriole was being seen at Fountain Creek Regional Park.  Five minutes later, Todd “Mario Andretti” Deininger and I were racing south on I-25.  My brother Bill and his brother-in-law, Bob Smith, joined us soon afterwards.  There were already over ten birders searching for the oriole, but it wasn’t seen again.  It may yet show up again.  This particular location has a track record of over wintering birds.  Last year a Pine Warbler and Ovenbird stayed into January.  There was a good crop of ripe snowberries in two patches as well as plenty of insects at a small sewage pond.  Bill and Bob added to the meal choices by placing orange, apple and mango fruit around.

I leave for Anchorage this evening and will drive to Seward tomorrow to try my luck for the Redwing.  Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Streak-backed Oriole – No

  1. Good luck on the Redwing, John! Does this make for your 6th trip to Alaska this year? Or “only” 5th?

  2. Rob says:

    Keep it up!

    Big Birds! Big Birds! No Whammies!

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