Texas on my mind

Tomorrow morning I leave on a two-week trip to Texas. Hope to make Perry, OK by evening, which will put me in a position to bird Sooner Lake on Friday morning, Jan 14. My target bird there is, of course, Smith’s Longspur. I’ll drive to Houston that evening and visit my son, Scott, who is seeking his MBA degree from Rice University. I scouted the area over Thanksgiving and had a great time searching for sparrows in the Katy Prairie. Two days in Houston, then south to Rockport and then the Valley.

I love birding in the Lower Rio Grande Valley! Ever since reading George Harrison’s Roger Tory Peterson’s Dozen Birding Hot Spots that Uncle Bob gave to me back in the early 80’s, I’ve been drawn to The Valley. So close to Mexico….so many possibilities! Right now there are five mega rarities being seen! I’ve got a respectable Texas Bird list at 436 species so it won’t be easy to add to it, but Black-vented Oriole would do the trick.

I’ll have a good sense of how my big year is going by the end of this trip. A year list over three hundred would be nice, but much more important are the number of Category 3’s and above. Anticipation as got me juiced. I roll tomorrow. Please feel free to check in along the way.

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