Thayer’s Gull

Yesterday I broke out of my mini-slump with two new year-birds.  In the morning I participated in Bill Kaempfer’s Indian Peaks Winter Count and added Clark’s Nutcracker to my year list.  There were also lots of Pine and Evening Grosbeaks coming to the feeders in Ward, CO which was so colorful, standing out against the green and white background created by the pines and the falling snow .  Not wanting to stay too long in my least favorite town in Colorado, I drove down the canyon to see if I could locate any of the 10,000 gulls that Ted Floyd reported roosting at Valmont Res. last night.  The Anthem Pond (Intersection of Indian Peak & Lowell) in Broomfield County had well over a thousand gulls; among all the Ring-billed Gulls were over twenty Herring Gulls of various ages, two 1st cycle Glaucous Gulls, a 1st cycle Lesser Black-backed Gull and an adult plumaged Thayer’s Gull that appeared to have zero streaking on the head (it is February).  Thayer’s Gull is my favorite large gull species and my 307 bird species seen this year.  I’ll never forget the full day I spent on the point in Victoria, BC filming three hundred Thayer’s Gulls!

Today is the Super Bowl and Monday morning I leave for California where I’ve got a date with “Big Al” and the Brown Shrike! Stay tuned.

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