The Chicago Lakefront

It was absolutely miserable weather today along the lakefront.  The high temperature was 45 deg F, windy and drizzling.  However, we knew the warblers were in because Jackson Park had 26 warbler species and Montrose Harbor had 21 species after the cold front hit.  This birds would not be migrating for another day or two.  With that in mind, my youngest brother, Mark, and I decided to begin at Labaugh Woods about 5 miles inland from the lake. it can be excellent when strong winds out of the northeast are pushing birds inland.  We had nineteen warbler species including Mourning Warbler, a new year-bird, in three hours of birding.  We then drove south to several other hotspots closer to the lake and added two more warblers, including Louisiana Waterthrush.  North Pond, Jarvis Bird Sanctuary, Montrose and Wooded Isle at Jackson Park all were very birdy.  The warblers were literally feeding on the ground all day long, because of the cold windy, rainy conditions.  Mark and I birded till 5:00 PM then called it a day.  I’m now down to three warblers-Connectitcut, Black-throated Blue and Kirtland’s.

Tomorrow we try again for the Henslow’s Sparrow with Wendy Paulson

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2 Responses to The Chicago Lakefront

  1. John Vanderpoel says:

    Hey Karen,

    This is really cool. Thanks for the publicity. Bye the way, we missed Spotted Salamander. Now if you could arrange a Baikal Teal to show up at Fernald we could get the salamanders too!!!

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