The Clock is Ticking

Tick-tok, tick-tok, tick-tok…..the clock is ticking.  Today we drive to Seward and tomorrow will be an important and exciting trip to the Chiswell Islands.  But right now while I wait for everyone else to awake, I’m visualizing VERY HOT weather.  On June 17, I fly to San Antonio to try for the Yellow-green Vireo, Masked Duck and Hook-billed Kite.  There is now a Streak-backed Oriole and a Yellow Grosbeak coming to feeders in the Patagonia area of Arizona.

Tick-tok, tick-tok, tick-tok.   How do I get to Arizona?

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3 Responses to The Clock is Ticking

  1. Fred Urie says:

    Matt was just at Seward and Denali. You guys must be passing each other on the highway

  2. Bill Kaempfer says:

    I just asked Linda A-G to give a report on her Flam Owl trip on this coming Tuesday so we can see the status of that. On Saturday I did my Indian Peaks summer count and we did not get a Dusky Grouse this time (although I did pick up Goshawk which was nice).

  3. David Hollie says:

    Hope you’re having good luck in Seward. I was in Seward last week after I did Nome. Got out to the Chiswells for my life Red-faced Cormorant and Ancient Murrelettes!

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