The Lost Summer

Fall arrived today.  Summer is now over.  However, for me it was never clear when summer began.  There has been so much traveling and such rapid changes in the weather this year that the last three and 1/2 months all seem blurred.  Hot, cold, pleasant, dry, humid – each day’s weather as random as a roulette wheel.  Alaska brought forty-degree weather in June and August.  California was like an eternal spring. On July 9, 2011 I was standing in 105º F in Abilene, but then Texas is always hot.  Four days later on the prairies of North Dakota, my light jacket was blowing in the cool breeze. I missed out on summer. In summers past, I sometimes would bitch about the heat when the hot Colorado sun was beating down on me.  Not this summer because it’s been my choice to be outside standing out in the heat or the cold or the rain or the wind.  I’ve become basically desensitized to weather.

I assume that next summer everything will return to normal.  But as for this summer, the only clear thing I remember is that I’ve added ninety-three year-birds since June 1st.  And had a whole lot of fun doing so – in rain, sleet and sun!

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  1. Jason Cade says:

    Rose-throated Becard relocated today at Santa Ana, TX

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