The Lower Rio Grand Valley in June

The sweat was dripping down my brow.  It was also dripping down my neck, my armpits and pretty much every other part of my body you could imagine.  It was 105 Deg F in the shade.  How in the world do people down here survive this?  I’ve just spent nineteen days in Alaska.  Normally, I wouldn’t be a thousand miles from here in June. But here I was talking with six other people in the direct sun AFTER we had seen the kites.  Will they ever finish chatting?  Will I faint or die of heatstroke before I escape to an air conditioned car?

These were the important questions floating thru my sunbaked mind after successfully watching an adult male Hook-billed Kite and a chick on the nest on private property in Hildago Co.  Mary Gustafson had delivered once again. Big time!  By the way, how does she manage to make it through these summers, she’s an Ohio girl?

Hook-billed Kite chick in nest (Photo by John Vanderpoel)

Tomorrow I visit Sabal Palm Sanctuary in Brownsville with hopes of Masked Duck, Yellow-green Vireo and temperatures below triple digit. Stay tuned.

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3 Responses to The Lower Rio Grand Valley in June

  1. Wow John! Wow! That’s boiling hot, but so glad that you got HB KIte!

  2. LindaVanderpoel says:

    As I mentioned in my previous comment, “John has not watched news” or he’d know that United airlines computers were down yesterday which left travelers stranded all over the country. . . . we’ll just see when he gets home on “stand-by”. . . . .

  3. LindaVanderpoel says:

    . . . never a dull moment in a “Big Year”!

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