The Road to the Tall Trees

This morning we drove the Road to the Tall Trees in Redwood National Park.  It’s a 4 mile gated gravel road through heavy forest to a grove of Redwoods that includes the tallest tree in the world.  You need a permit from the park office to drive it and this morning we were the first car on the road.  Around each curve in the road you had the feeling that a Mountain Lion, Black Bear or Ruffed Grouse might be standing there.  The road ends at a the Tall Trees Trail, and less than a quarter mile from this trail we located a Ruffed Grouse right next to the road and another 20 yards away. I added three other year birds as well and now stand at 329 species for the year.

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  1. Rob says:

    Good on ya! Enjoying your adventures and look forward to spending the year following you on the blog. Keep it up!

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