Traveling to Hatteras, NC

It was enjoyable to share Christmas with Linda and friends, but now I’m in the air once again. Hatteras, NC is my destination and one last pelagic trip for 2011.  Its a quest for the Great Skua with the Admiral of the Atlantic, Brian Patteson.  Unfortunately, Brian has postponed the boat trip till Wednesday. The forecasted winds for Tuesday are too brisk and Wednesday is forecasted to be better.  This means that after the pelagic trip, I’ll have to scrub the Hooded Crane and fly directly from Norfolk to Phoenix  to chase the Nutting’s Flycatcher.  Stay tuned I’ll post again tomorrow.

I wish to thank all of you for your support.  Your comments are all inspirational.

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7 Responses to Traveling to Hatteras, NC

  1. Josh Vandermeulen says:

    A 1st winter male Smew was photographed today in Whitby harbour which is on the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario. I’m not sure if you’ll have time to pursue it during the remaining few days, but its something to keep in mind, especially being so close to a major airport.

    Good luck on the east coast.

  2. Luisa says:

    Jane Average Birder here, caught up in the thrill of the chase. Thanks for sharing this most excellent year with us, and best of luck this week!

  3. Greg Miller says:

    There are more people out here following your adventures and cheering you on than you think! Give it your all in this last few days! Be smart with your time!

  4. Tyler Hoar says:

    Watched the Smew in Whitby Harbour for 2 hours(7:30 to 9:30) this morning. The bird is an hours drive from the Toronto airport (freeway all the way). It was seen by 40+ birders. Nice to see a mega rarity within 15mins from my house. If you need assistance for this bird feel free contact me.

  5. Jean Iron says:

    Hi John,

    Let us know when you’re arriving in Toronto. We’ll pick you up at the airport.

    Jean and Ron

  6. Ben says:

    Good Luck! Finish strong!

  7. Rob says:

    Good luck in the home stretch!

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