Turning a Blunder Into #700

After finding Vaux’s Swift yesterday evening, there are now only two regular breeding migrants that I still must find this year.  Cassin’s Vireo and White-eared Hummingbird.  Jon Dunn has officially designated my Cassin’s Vireo plan (or lack there of) a blunder. Actually, I had assumed that I’d get the vireo in SE Arizona in the latter half of August or September.  The problem is that I don’t need to return to SE Arizona until a rarity shows up.  I’m sure Dunn actually just wanted to raise the alarm to not ignore Cassin’s Vireo.  Today I decided to do something about this blunder. This morning I followed up on a tip from one of the young guys on yesterday’s pelagic trip and took Covelo Road east past Covelo up into the National Forest.  I was looking for mixed feeding flocks along the edge of meadows.  Though I spent over eight hours working habitat, the best I could turn up was a Hutton’s Vireo, Black-throated Gray Warbler and a bunch of Oak Titmice.  No luck on the Cassin’s Vireo.  I received a tip from Jason Cade that Lake Mendocino may hold Cassin’s Vireos.  I’ll try that on Tuesday morning.

The blunder I’m more concerned with happened last Monday in Texas.  I had planned to watch the feeders till around 8:30 AM.  For whatever reason – exhaustion, laziness, or not wanting to wake people up- I deviated from my plan and did not watch for the White-eared Hummingbird to come to feeders. Instead I left at 7:15 AM.  The White-eared showed up at 7:15 AM.

I’m now in Ft. Bragg waiting for the first of four pelagic trips with Debbie Shearwater.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Lamarr Eddings says:

    There seems to be a problem with the 50/50 link. I’d hate to miss a day of this adventure!

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